Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Getting Acquainted with Multimedia

What do you know about multimedia? In our world that is jam-packed with numerous technological advancements, innovation has dominated our atmosphere and one of which is the multimedia. It has become widely used by people, and it has brought an enormous impact in our society.

Multimedia is commonly defined as the integration of different media like video, text, sound, data, animation, graphics, pictures and other data that will serve many purposes for human utility. The term “multimedia” was created by Bobb Goldsteinn, an American songwriter and showman. A Multimedia system consists of many components like a capture instrument, computer system and a storage device that is used to record and save any data or file. It will also allow easy access for the user and this processes any content of certain media. Another is a communication network like the internet to allow interactivity. Display devices are another component of multimedia system and examples are speakers, printers and monitors. Multimedia serves its purpose by providing people with a variety of information through a more complex way. Aside from being informative, it can be utilized as a form of entertainment. Multimedia has two categories the linear and the non-linear. Those contents that are able to progress without the control of the user just like movies and videos are considered to be linear while those that allow interaction and navigation just like virtual reality and video games are non-linear.

Multimedia comes in a different variety and one common example is the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is the most complex example of multimedia that encompasses other forms. It is a large system that contains countless contents seen in web pages that are utilized by everyone for learning, manipulation and entertainment. Virtual reality is another example; it enables a person to be in a computer generated environment wherein he takes full control of the different things occurring around him. The person can feel an aura that is not far from reality. It is also used on certain experiments and studies, and it has contributed a lot of things. Other examples of multimedia are digital video editing, hypermedia courseware, interactive television, video-on-demand and many more.

Multimedia has a broad range of application, and it is used in different areas and fields. In education, computers are widely used for learning many concepts and related topics. It involves the utilization of varied learning materials found on the internet which involves videos, animations, summarized texts and many more. This has found to have increased the interest of the young learners. Visual and auditory types of a learner are some of those individuals who find multimedia an easy way to learn. There are games available that are very educational wherein the learner can make answers to certain questions and receive corresponding points. Those individuals who are interested in studying foreign languages in many convenient ways can do so because of multimedia. The user can easily control the computer for easy understanding. This makes education a pleasurable experience for the learners. In the field of entertainment, multimedia is used to entertain people. One of which is through video games wherein the user can take control of certain characters in a game. Another prominent use of multimedia is in movies and TV programs. This is evident in the application of different kinds of visual effects that makes a certain program more enticing and believable. Those things that seem hard to execute in the set are replaced with computerized effects, and it has continued to improve throughout the years. In the industrial field, multimedia is utilized to attract many customers. This is evident in advertising, which allows them to share their insights and products to the people. They also make use of multimedia to present any information or plans to members of the company. They utilize PowerPoint presentations that make their reports creative and less difficult.

Multimedia continues to fascinate people and as technology continues to reach new heights, so as multimedia. It is something we can treasure because we owe a lot of things from it. Through multimedia, tasks are easier to accomplish and since it has contributed much to our society, it's very satisfying to know and understand this man- made creation.