Tuesday, February 03, 2015

MUSIC: Cure to the Soul

This is the question I often ask myself every time I see teenagers, especially boyfriend and girlfriend, the couples, and also elderly. They got a light feeling and started to hum songs when they hear the sound of music that many people love to sing and often drives them crazy for dancing. Others also as what I have observed they turned on the radio into louder volume, as if they don't still hear the music even though the radio is beside them, and otherwise it is attached by an amplifier. I can say that they are addicted to the music.

Music can even make people dance into the craziest steps. It can also be used as a form of exercise that's why people tend to have a dancing class to enhance or achieve wellness and enjoy dancing as well. When we hear music, we can always remember to our past experiences, and it squeezes our hearts because we really feel the music. It was like music to the soul. Music has a big influence in our society. It makes people go wild in singing with the sound of the beat of music.

There are many aspects that music can help us. Sometimes this music can ease or soothes the pain in our body. They can even give us a light feeling and makes us relax when we are so stressed at all. It can forget your anger towards the person and controls your emotions. Anyone can relate to the music not only to teenagers but also to the elderly people. It can also serve as a therapy to them. While others like after a break-up of a girl and the guy they hate to hear music, especially their theme songs because when they hear it, they cried and reminds them to their beautiful and bad memories of their past.

Listening to the music in its meaningful tone can make us in love to the music. If the music is rock or hip hop, you can't stop banging your head and when if it’s love songs, you merely close your eyes and feel the music in your soul. Nightlife is the high lights of us Filipinos, this reflects us a love for music. Some people sing-a-long to bars features bands and singers known for their musical talents.

"Without music, life is so boring", as what mostly people say. As for me, I love music. This music is part of our daily life, and because we need music and therefore, we should appreciate every moment that is around us.

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