Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Up Close to the Famous

The common entertainment in our society today is music and movies. These two had never been too far apart from each other. A movie always has background music to add its effect. Today famous movies are composed of famous music tracks. Music really plays a great part in film industry. When these two are combined together a great impact of entertainment is presented. A good music and an outstanding movie would not be possible if without the talented individuals who worked hard to create a great outcome of their efforts. Let us give recognition to the famous singer and the famous actor of the twenty first century. At the time we recognized these individuals it is only their voice and actions that we see and hear from televisions and radios. We may not have the chance to know more of them personally. As you read along this topic, we will be uncovering different information from the selected artists. You will be able to learn how they started and how they entered the world of popularity.  

Let’s start first in the field of music. Today the well known famous singers are the Jonas brothers. It is a boy band composed of three members namely Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. The three of them are brothers. They are the sons of Mrs. Denise Marie Jonas and Mr. Paul Kevin Jonas. Their father worked as a pastor in a community church. While their mother is their home teacher since the three brothers were home schooled. The unique thing about the Jonas brothers is that they have a so called “purity ring”. This ring symbolizes purity. Mr. and Mrs. Jonas gave the ring to the three brothers for them to promise that they will stay virgin until they get married.  

Few years later nick started a band for his solo project. This is because at a very young age nick was already a good performer and has a good voice. In fact, he joined numerous stage plays during his childhood days. Their parents discovered that nick was a good song writer. He even wrote a song for his father. Because of his great talent one of nick’s compositions became popular. While nick was working on his solo project his brother Joe got envy and joined singing together with nick. After that they started writing songs together. A music company heard one of their compositions and fined it good. It was decided that the brothers will group as one since the three of them have great talents. Now a day Jonas Brother’s hits are already played almost every part of the world.

Now let’s talk about the famous movie actor. It is no other than Tom Hanks. Tom was born in California USA in the year 1956. He was the son of Mr. Amos and Mrs. Janet Hanks. He doesn’t have a good family history since his parents broke up. Tom was just living with his different relatives. The family of Tom is closely related to the family of the Late President Lincoln. Tom was married to Samantha Lewes and had two children. Few years later they got divorced. Way back in Tom’s college life he was not that good in acting. He auditioned several stage plays in their school, but he was not accepted.  

In search for a good future Tom went to a place where he auditioned for a community play. Fortunately he was hired. At that play, many discovered his unique talent. After that play, he was invited by the director for an upcoming play in Cleveland. At that time, his acting career began. It was in that play that he met his second loving wife Rita Wilson, who is also an actress. Few years later Tm improved his talent and was discovered by different movie producer. Tom was hired to play a role in a television movie in New York. In several years Tom was consistent with his acting career. Later Tom received different awards from the different films he had. Around the year 1996 Tom hanks worked as a director. Few years later Tom decided to produce his own movie.

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