Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The Essence of Music

Harmony in the air, melody at blowing wind, passage of the sand waves and tune of the ocean mind – music that brings out the emotions of wits. Music is an art of sound. Elements of music consist of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and the attribute of texture and timbre. The pitch covers the melody plus the harmony, rhythm combines tempo, articulation and meter. Different kinds of music vary to assorted cultures and social influences.

The objective appearance of music is execution and performance of actions. Major forms of performing arts are dancing. Moving the body according to the beat of music is an attained intent as to why it was determined. These dance actions came up to a higher level point in camaraderie in famous land. Moves that are being executed by youth, teen, middle aged and senior citizen dancers; which could be categorized into kinds. Dancing is ballroom, pop, jazz, blues, soul, country, classic, rock and hip-hop. Most type of music played in bars and night clubs are jazz, country and blues, where listeners can dance, drink and convey their emotions by applaud. These are being instructed in schools and even in competitions to entertain the sense of media.

Music makes the people come together – because music is entertainment. Singing is also one of a music kind. They go in solo, in duets or in a group. Solo artist goes on stage alone waving their brilliant voices with the applause in the crowd. Duets go by two, either partner with a female or male, channeling each other's aura angle. Group artist work with more than three members, they share ideas making it to be an extraordinary party. These groups, panel themselves into a concert, visit guesting and program mainstay – and they are being paid for depending on the agreement.

Going to the non-western classical music, one of the oldest music in the world is the Indian classical music. In this classical music, they dance and use instrument such as a flute. Stringed instruments that create music came from Mohenjo Darro and Harrappa. Indian music started in creating the essence of chanting. It describes as a single-line music arranged by talas. Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia and the like covers for the Asian music. This music has its own pitch, style, musical notation and types. In Greek theater, Greece's music was the most important part. Blended kind of individuals joined forces to achieve the highest paid chorale for entertainment. Music in Greece was part of education. They are being taught at the age of six.

Composition and performance equal the sound of music bringing either for religious, ceremonial, for pleasure or for plain entertainment. Amateur artists are not being paid for composing and performing music. They do it as their favorites to satisfy their pleasure. Certified musicians are the ones hired in seeking engagements for appointments and contract setting. Professional musicians take the lead in training Amateur artists. Mostly, in orchestras, these two groups, amateur and professional musicians, perform together. Evidence opens the book when music is more on recording than in front of a real and live audience. Instances also show that live concerts are being documented.

Composition is where it started as music. This is a construal of an emotion that is felt by the touching heart upon releasing the conceptual realization. This is an interpretation prepared by a specific artist – that varies with artists’ attitude. After the composition, notation takes place. This is the expression of music through rhythm and pitch. This works with the tone of instruction. Experienced individuals can make it in a spontaneous way of composing words from emotions without preparation and at the same time, constructing a note for a tune.

Deaf people feel the melody and music through the vibrations as performed by musicians. Ludwig van Beethoven, a deaf composer, was able to compile music after he totally lost his hearing.

Modern Music is You Tube, My Space and Yahoo Messenger. These are the large programs of recorded MTV with millions of songs stored for an easy access for music online – optional for comments. Professional musicians look up these programs as an influenced promotional item. Beyonce and Madonna are one of the few artists who are in great popularity in this generation. As centuries overstep - music revolutionizes; but the bottom harmony and essence remain infinitely with good criticisms and outcome.

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